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Lakȟóta Language Resource Othí


We are dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich heritage language of our students and fostering the growth of fluent Lakȟóta speakers.

In the past, we offered Lakȟóta language classes in our schools, but we realized that simply teaching the language was not enough to create fluent speakers. Recognizing the importance of revitalizing our students’ cultural heritage and identity, we have made a more serious commitment to this movement.

With fewer than 6,000 fluent Lakȟóta speakers remaining, it is crucial that we provide opportunities for Lakȟóta youth to learn and embrace their language. Our comprehensive Lakȟóta language curriculum, spanning from K-12, has yielded positive results. Students have shown improved academic performance and greater proficiency in both school and home environments.

Recent funding has allowed us to develop online multimedia tools for learning Lakȟóta, create Lakȟóta language-based literature for students, and offer hands-on opportunities that encourage the use of the language within families and the wider community. These resources have enhanced the learning experience and made the language more accessible and engaging for our students.

Wóiwahoye Gluótkuŋzapi Podcast

In case you haven’t heard Maȟpíya Lúta Owáyawa students have created an all Lakota language podcast. We are two episodes in and will be releasing new episodes every Monday. I have included the link to the Wóiwahoye Gluótkuŋzapi Podcast via apple podcast and the first two episodes. The podcast can be found on most podcast apps/sites, not just apple podcast. 

 The Wóiwahoye Gluótkuŋzapi Podcast

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 Episode 1

Seniors talking about last summer

Listen Here

 Episode 2

5th Graders talking about Orange Shirt Day

Listen Here

 Episode 3

Homecoming Week

Listen Here

 Episode 4


Listen Here

 Episode 5

Pte Oyate

Listen Here

 Episode 6

Iktomi Story

Listen Here

 Episode 7

Buffalo Harvest

Listen Here

 Episode 8

Senior students talking about their plans ahead of Thanksgiving

Listen Here

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